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About Me

Hi! My name is Maria Ramirez and I was born in México City, México.I'm a mom, baker, and entrepreneur. When I was young I always had a passion for Arts and crafts, little did I know I could transfer that into edible works of art.Wildly Cakes and Sweets was created in 2018 while I was attending the International Culinary Center in NYC while working full-time, being a full-time mom, and making sweets from home. (Yup us mamas can do it ALL)Surprisingly, when Covid hit in 2020 orders started pouring in for custom treats. I wanted to help all of our customers celebrate life, find joy and keep special touches through this tough time, however, it became clear I needed to find a bigger place and staff. As such, Wildly Cakes & Sweets opened its doors in December 2020, in Dobbs Ferry, NY.Wildly Cakes & Sweets is not your traditional bakery, we are known for our wildly creative cakes and custom desserts. We like to be up to date on new trends and techniques so we can create desserts that are out of this world. In addition to our custom work, we offer a variety of grab-and-go cakes and desserts in store. If you prefer to be more hands-on, you’re in luck because we also offer baking and cake decorating classes for those who love baking and decorating as much as us!Wildly Cakes is here for you. Let’s make your day special, memorable and delicious!